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Akumal Dive Shop

Location: Akumal Beach, gorgeous white sands and friendly folks. And the reef, makes it worthwhile

Queer Rating: Friendly

Beach: White sand beach leads to a coral reef with lots of colorful coral, fish, turtles and rays


There is a place at Akumal Beach that provides a great home base when you are driven to snorkel at reef at Akumal Beach, the Akumal Dive Shop. A friendly, quaint little shop that introduces professionals and newbies alike to the magnificence of the reef just meters offshore.

The dive shop here provides everything you could possibly need. Be sure to call and schedule your outing ahead; Stay in a nearby hotel and arrive 15 minutes ahead of time and you will get the full service. The guides, equipment, cameras, life vests (which must be worn to venture with the guide beyond the sea grass) as well as lockers to store your dry gear. You are teamed with a group of six and out you go.

During the outing the guides point out the life underwater. You can see an assortment of wild life swimming around the reef. That first trip we encountered 2 different schools of fish, barracuda, lobster, spotted eagle rays and some stingrays. Of course the main attraction was also hanging around enjoying the sea grass, the turtles.

Finding a great dive shop is important when you are going out. You want to feel confident and secure. The water is dangerous and being prepared is your best safety preparation.









Tide Pools in Corona Del Mar, CA

Corona Del Mar Tide Pools – Orange County, California

Queer Rating:
Nearest Airport: John Wayne

If you are planning a trip west to Southern California then you should check out this little gem. The tide pools at Corona Del Mar is one of my favorite places in the whole entire world.  Also  just a quick thirty minute drive from where I live.

Most people do not know about this area of the beach located off of Pacific Coast Highway near Newport Beach. Look for the pools south of the wedge, on the other side of the Getty. No doubt about it, this place is a hidden gem.


It’s my magical place. It’s where I go when I am down, or need an adventure, or simply want to stick my finger in the sea anemones!  

On a recent trip there I invited a lovely lady to join me. It was our third date. We spent the day exploringthe coast. I collected sea shells and rocks that I insisted she hold in her pockets for me. This place is great for the family, a first date, an anniversary adventure, or a place to just go and collect your thoughts.