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Queer Features in LGBTQ Adventure Travel

Tide Pools in Corona Del Mar, CA

Corona Del Mar Tide Pools – Orange County, California

Queer Rating:
Nearest Airport: John Wayne

If you are planning a trip west to Southern California then you should check out this little gem. The tide pools at Corona Del Mar is one of my favorite places in the whole entire world.  Also  just a quick thirty minute drive from where I live.

Most people do not know about this area of the beach located off of Pacific Coast Highway near Newport Beach. Look for the pools south of the wedge, on the other side of the Getty. No doubt about it, this place is a hidden gem.


It’s my magical place. It’s where I go when I am down, or need an adventure, or simply want to stick my finger in the sea anemones!  

On a recent trip there I invited a lovely lady to join me. It was our third date. We spent the day exploringthe coast. I collected sea shells and rocks that I insisted she hold in her pockets for me. This place is great for the family, a first date, an anniversary adventure, or a place to just go and collect your thoughts.

London, England

Walking In London …

City Rating : 3.5
Airports: Heathrow (LHR) & Gatwick (LGW)
Accomodation: AirBnB, The Royal Garden,  Regency London UK
Queer Rating: 3.5 – totally comfortable vibe, never once felt out of sorts, friendly
Weather: warm in the day jackets at night

London has always been on the bucket list. When a work opportunity presented itself I fully intended to make it business and pleasure. This was August 2013.

We arrived very early on a Monday morning that was a bank holiday. We caught the Heathrow express to ??? Station and then caught a cab over to the hotel. Once settled into our hotel, the Royal Garden near Hyde Park, we ventured out to find breakfast, explore Hyde park and of course have a pint.

The park was gorgeous. I loved the freedom it presented. Reminded me of High Park in Toronto. There were people drinking beer on the grass, still damp from recent rains, there were cyclists, vendors and a chance at a sight seeing tour if you liked. I know we spent a minimum of 2 hrs roaming through the park and ending up in a pub just around the bedn from the Prince Albert.

I ordered a guinness and fish and chips. It was my first meal in London, what else was I having? An absolutely spectacular decision. Until that moment I never realized just how good fish and chips with a pint could be.

Eating at fine restaurants was on the menu for this London trip. In fact most of my times spent in London have been eating very delicious food. Watch for reviews of the restaurants. These were fantastical. sensations invading my mouth.

I looked up the local queer culture and decided I felt so comfortable just as a solo dyke out in the city, I never bothered to find community. I did see lots of lesbians and dykes roaming the streets specifically when I headed down to the area around London bridge.

My favorite part of the entire experience, exploring the streets once haunted by Jack the Ripper. I coudl literally feel the energy of those dark uncertain nights, even as I walked the streets in daytime.

Watch for more reviews from other visits from London.

Comment and tell us about your adventures in London


The Journey to Amsterdam

Accomodation Type: AirBnB

Cosy, Warm & Spacious Apartment in Amsterdam

Apartment in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This 60m2 appartment is very comfy! It has a nice living room with a comfy couch and a great tv and sound system with Netflix at your service. It’s a great place to hang out after a long day walking in the city. View all listings in Amsterdam

Accomodation Rating: 5

Queer Rating: 5
Just really positive vibe and easy to be in the city, never thought about it or felt any uncomfortableness.

The Basics
I believe Amsterdam to be my most favorite of European cities thus far. I am absolutely in love with they energy of the city, the friendliness of the people and so much more.

The city is fairly easy to navigate. If you do feel a little lost, simply open a map and a stranger will offer you guidance. No worries most of the Dutch speak English.

When getting around there are 3 main types of travel, though 1 is clearly preferred – bicycles. Everywhere you go there are clear traffic bike and pedestrian lanes. There are also 1000s of bike parked all around the city. I doubt theft is a concern there are so many.

While I was only there a short time (travel plans derailed when my Air Transat flight was scheduled 2 days earlier – long story) I felt a part of the city. We explored from Central Station and beyond. Stopping in cafes, tasting the bud and shopping.

Did you see the cool blue shoes I picked up. These are one of my favorites!

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Conquering Edinburgh’s Fringe Fest
Queer Rating: 4.5
Nearest Airport: Edinburgh {EDI} / Glasgow {GLA}

When presented with the opportunity to reconnect with a friend during the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, of course I was immediately all in!

The last time I had been in Edinburgh I just missed Fringe Festival by a week. (I also missed Edinburgh after a night at a few pubs and too many pints)  I promised myself I would be back and this time during Fringe Festival. It was time to fulfill a bucket list item.  (There is no written bucket list, just mental notations for someday)

I am located in Toronto. I immediately began sourcing flights from Toronto to Edinburgh. Nothing under #1200.00 (definitely not in my budget) More research demonstrated that the most cost efficient way to Edinburgh was Air Transat through Glasgow. Then it is just a short 1hr train ride on ScotRail to Edinburgh. Through my father’s heartland.

Sites Around Edinburgh

Is Edinburgh Queer Positive. 
Based on my experience, the answer is YES!, I will add a caution. I did here some trans phobic comments while dining one evening. Additionally, I heard that a queer performer was jumped by some dudes for looking wsell beautifully queer.

The Lesbain Pub
On my first Friday there, the first time around, I drank in a great place called Planet Out. It was a terrifically local place to enjoy a cold pint as well as play some billiards and meet great people from all over the world.

Want to know what is going on in Edinburgh for gay travel?