Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Conquering Edinburgh’s Fringe Fest
Queer Rating: 4.5
Nearest Airport: Edinburgh {EDI} / Glasgow {GLA}

When presented with the opportunity to reconnect with a friend during the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, of course I was immediately all in!

The last time I had been in Edinburgh I just missed Fringe Festival by a week. (I also missed Edinburgh after a night at a few pubs and too many pints)  I promised myself I would be back and this time during Fringe Festival. It was time to fulfill a bucket list item.  (There is no written bucket list, just mental notations for someday)

I am located in Toronto. I immediately began sourcing flights from Toronto to Edinburgh. Nothing under #1200.00 (definitely not in my budget) More research demonstrated that the most cost efficient way to Edinburgh was Air Transat through Glasgow. Then it is just a short 1hr train ride on ScotRail to Edinburgh. Through my father’s heartland.

Sites Around Edinburgh

Is Edinburgh Queer Positive. 
Based on my experience, the answer is YES!, I will add a caution. I did here some trans phobic comments while dining one evening. Additionally, I heard that a queer performer was jumped by some dudes for looking wsell beautifully queer.

The Lesbain Pub
On my first Friday there, the first time around, I drank in a great place called Planet Out. It was a terrifically local place to enjoy a cold pint as well as play some billiards and meet great people from all over the world.

Want to know what is going on in Edinburgh for gay travel?

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