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The Journey to Amsterdam

Accomodation Type: AirBnB

Cosy, Warm & Spacious Apartment in Amsterdam

Apartment in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This 60m2 appartment is very comfy! It has a nice living room with a comfy couch and a great tv and sound system with Netflix at your service. It’s a great place to hang out after a long day walking in the city. View all listings in Amsterdam

Accomodation Rating: 5

Queer Rating: 5
Just really positive vibe and easy to be in the city, never thought about it or felt any uncomfortableness.

The Basics
I believe Amsterdam to be my most favorite of European cities thus far. I am absolutely in love with they energy of the city, the friendliness of the people and so much more.

The city is fairly easy to navigate. If you do feel a little lost, simply open a map and a stranger will offer you guidance. No worries most of the Dutch speak English.

When getting around there are 3 main types of travel, though 1 is clearly preferred – bicycles. Everywhere you go there are clear traffic bike and pedestrian lanes. There are also 1000s of bike parked all around the city. I doubt theft is a concern there are so many.

While I was only there a short time (travel plans derailed when my Air Transat flight was scheduled 2 days earlier – long story) I felt a part of the city. We explored from Central Station and beyond. Stopping in cafes, tasting the bud and shopping.

Did you see the cool blue shoes I picked up. These are one of my favorites!