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Lesbian Adventure Travel – Community

Is there such a thing as a Lesbian Adventure Travel community out there? Are there like minded queers who meet up in far off locales to snorkel, dive, kayak and more? Is it global, comprised of weekend warriores and lifestyle travelers? How big is this community?

I started my research by searching for  the phrase “Lesbian Adventure Travel” I know right, how obvious was that? See the Results! Google is the only search engine, that is my review for search right there!.

Search Lesbian Adventure Travel


Below are the top 3 results found from the search. Some of the links were out dated. Ooops Google?

Seems like a challenge to create better content.

Lesbian Adventure Top 3

  1.  http://women-adventure-travel.meetup.com/
    Lesbian Travel & Adventure – Long Beach Meetup

    Meet up groups are a great way to form community. Yay! There are a number of Meetups groupsavailable to join. Fine tune your search and stumble upon groups in localized regions, global groups and more.

  2. http://www.olivia.com/
    We all know Olivia right? They specialize in “Adventure Travel” with Lesbian Cruises and vacations globally. The vacation destinations are all posted on the Olivia website, and also offer great payment plans. Get on Board!

    Olivia Turkish Delight
    Olivia Travel Excursions
  3. http://www.outgoingadventures.com/index.php
    This is a Google Sponsored Link, and I was hestitant to click. No regrets. The information and offers here are interesting.

    lesbian adventure travel
    Out Going Adventures

    This is where my quest for location independent community begins. This is where the world grows a little smaller.

Hi! My name is Sam, I am a recovering desk jockey from Toronto Canada. I like adventure that involves the sand and the surf. In less then a year, I aspire to be a Digital Nomad!

Introduce yourself…


The Journey to Amsterdam

Accomodation Type: AirBnB

Cosy, Warm & Spacious Apartment in Amsterdam

Apartment in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This 60m2 appartment is very comfy! It has a nice living room with a comfy couch and a great tv and sound system with Netflix at your service. It’s a great place to hang out after a long day walking in the city. View all listings in Amsterdam

Accomodation Rating: 5

Queer Rating: 5
Just really positive vibe and easy to be in the city, never thought about it or felt any uncomfortableness.

The Basics
I believe Amsterdam to be my most favorite of European cities thus far. I am absolutely in love with they energy of the city, the friendliness of the people and so much more.

The city is fairly easy to navigate. If you do feel a little lost, simply open a map and a stranger will offer you guidance. No worries most of the Dutch speak English.

When getting around there are 3 main types of travel, though 1 is clearly preferred – bicycles. Everywhere you go there are clear traffic bike and pedestrian lanes. There are also 1000s of bike parked all around the city. I doubt theft is a concern there are so many.

While I was only there a short time (travel plans derailed when my Air Transat flight was scheduled 2 days earlier – long story) I felt a part of the city. We explored from Central Station and beyond. Stopping in cafes, tasting the bud and shopping.

Did you see the cool blue shoes I picked up. These are one of my favorites!