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London, England

Walking In London …

City Rating : 3.5
Airports: Heathrow (LHR) & Gatwick (LGW)
Accomodation: AirBnB, The Royal Garden,  Regency London UK
Queer Rating: 3.5 – totally comfortable vibe, never once felt out of sorts, friendly
Weather: warm in the day jackets at night

London has always been on the bucket list. When a work opportunity presented itself I fully intended to make it business and pleasure. This was August 2013.

We arrived very early on a Monday morning that was a bank holiday. We caught the Heathrow express to ??? Station and then caught a cab over to the hotel. Once settled into our hotel, the Royal Garden near Hyde Park, we ventured out to find breakfast, explore Hyde park and of course have a pint.

The park was gorgeous. I loved the freedom it presented. Reminded me of High Park in Toronto. There were people drinking beer on the grass, still damp from recent rains, there were cyclists, vendors and a chance at a sight seeing tour if you liked. I know we spent a minimum of 2 hrs roaming through the park and ending up in a pub just around the bedn from the Prince Albert.

I ordered a guinness and fish and chips. It was my first meal in London, what else was I having? An absolutely spectacular decision. Until that moment I never realized just how good fish and chips with a pint could be.

Eating at fine restaurants was on the menu for this London trip. In fact most of my times spent in London have been eating very delicious food. Watch for reviews of the restaurants. These were fantastical. sensations invading my mouth.

I looked up the local queer culture and decided I felt so comfortable just as a solo dyke out in the city, I never bothered to find community. I did see lots of lesbians and dykes roaming the streets specifically when I headed down to the area around London bridge.

My favorite part of the entire experience, exploring the streets once haunted by Jack the Ripper. I coudl literally feel the energy of those dark uncertain nights, even as I walked the streets in daytime.

Watch for more reviews from other visits from London.

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