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Top 5 LGBT Sun Destinations for 2015

What’s better than soaking up the sun? Doing it with “family!” These 5 sun soaked hot spots are all the buzz this summer whether you’re looking for adventure, a quiet place with that special someone, or the ultimate party.

Here are the Top 5 LGBT Sun Soaked Destinations for 2015 …

  1. Fire Island, NY

It’s a well-known fact to the locals that Fire Island is the go to gay and lesbian wedding destination. It may be less well known that it’s also the go to hot spot for queer partying in the sun and surf. With its quaint boardwalk and adorable rental homes, Fire Island feels secluded without actually being so. A quick trip on the fairy, (I’m talking about a boat!) and you’re dropped off in a veritable gay and lesbian wonderland. And Fire_Island-NY-USAbetween you and me, they trying to crack down on it, but clothing is still very much optional.

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  1. Key West, FL

It may be hard to imagine but Key West, Florida is an emerging queer destination. If you’re looking for gay friendly destination that offers more than just clubbing and cruising the beach, Kay West may be for you. With its laid back, southern vibe, KeKey-west-mapy West offers great resorts and is a budding culinary stop for any foodie. The best part is their PRIDE festival is held in June. Go early to wind down, stay to turn up!

  1. Miami Beach, FL

Unfortunately, PRIDE 2015 has already taken place in Miami. What better place to kick it off? Fortunately, the fun doesn’t stop there. Miami has a long-standing tradition of being a popular queer party town andMiamiBeach nothing has changed. Miami lands itself at number three because it is the perfect mix of high-octane club life, sophisticated luxury, and colorful history. Miami’s cultural diversity will trulyinspire, while its celebrity studded parties will rock you all night long.

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  1. Cancun, Mexico

You’ll be hard pressed to find more gay friendly hotels, resorts, and amenities than Cancun. There certainly is no shortage of eye candy either. The best part is traveling to Mexico is cheaper than other tropical destinations. You’ll have plenty of money left over to enjoy the water sports, tequila, ancancund hard bodies on the beach. Hop in a cab and head downtown for some fine dinning and an endless choice of party destinations. The people are friendly and they are mindful to cater to English speaking tourists, so you’ll feel right at home. Prefer a side of adventure with your vacay? Cancun’s rich history with it’s hidden caves and nearby historical landmarks will both inspire and entertain!

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Put all your preconceived notions about Brazil aside, because there is absolutely no better place to soak up the sun and be out and proud than Rio de Janeiro. This party city is famous for its open mindedness, outrageous festivals and scantily clad revelers. You won’t be limited to lazing on the beach or all night party sessions either. Rio is famous for its food, shopping and tourism. Stay at a luxury boutique hotel or rough it at one of their many hostels. Whatever you have to do, just get to Rio!

You Wanna Soak Up The Sun…? QueerCompass will poist more LGBT Sun Destinations throughout the year!

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The Journey to Amsterdam

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Cosy, Warm & Spacious Apartment in Amsterdam

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Accomodation Rating: 5

Queer Rating: 5
Just really positive vibe and easy to be in the city, never thought about it or felt any uncomfortableness.

The Basics
I believe Amsterdam to be my most favorite of European cities thus far. I am absolutely in love with they energy of the city, the friendliness of the people and so much more.

The city is fairly easy to navigate. If you do feel a little lost, simply open a map and a stranger will offer you guidance. No worries most of the Dutch speak English.

When getting around there are 3 main types of travel, though 1 is clearly preferred – bicycles. Everywhere you go there are clear traffic bike and pedestrian lanes. There are also 1000s of bike parked all around the city. I doubt theft is a concern there are so many.

While I was only there a short time (travel plans derailed when my Air Transat flight was scheduled 2 days earlier – long story) I felt a part of the city. We explored from Central Station and beyond. Stopping in cafes, tasting the bud and shopping.

Did you see the cool blue shoes I picked up. These are one of my favorites!